BigDog Support Services

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National Disability Insurance Scheme

We provide a flexible suite of services from Direct Support, Day Services, Group Activities, Community Access, In Home Support, Respite, Transition Planning and Living and Life Skills Programs

Flexible Direct Support

BigDog is able to offer to people with a disability quality service provision to respond to their individual support needs. These services are state government funded or can be purchased on a fee-for-service basis and are governed by the Disability Services Act, 2006 and monitored by the standards of practice according to the Human Services Quality Framework.

Innovative Support for school leavers

The transition from secondary school to adult life can be a time of uncertainty about what lies ahead for every young person. It is also a time for exploration about goals and aspirations for the future. Often there are additional challenges for a young person with a disability.

BigDog in conjunction with Parent to Parent Queensland, has developed a number of information and transition guides for students aged 16, aged 18 that are designed to give schools, students and their carers an overview of the transition phase including planning and support, post-school options and independent living.

Responsive Group Activities

From trips to theme parks, stage shows, local events, sporting activities, movies, dances and social get togethers, these activities are about having fun, increasing social networks, social skills and confidence.

Day Services provide opportunities for post-school participants to pursue activities of interest and to develop skills with their peers in a non-threatening and non-judgemental environment.