Support Services

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About BigDog

BigDog Support Services is committed to ensuring that people with a disability have a choice and can live as independently as possible; that they can achieve economic participation and social inclusion and that the support that they receive from our organisation is flexible and responsive to their needs.

Our Motto

Live Big!

Our Vision

“To provide flexible, innovative and responsive support for people living with a disability.”

Our Mission

To be recognised by stakeholders and the wider community in which we operate as the pre-eminent provider of quality support services and activities. 
To consistently respond in a timely and meaningful manner to the wider needs of people that are socially disadvantaged, to assist them in becoming independent within their chosen community thereby enhancing their quality of life.
To alleviate alienation through proactive measures to achieve economic, social and community development, while promoting and protecting the rights of the individual.   
To achieve responsible and sustainable growth that will facilitate the future stability of the organisation, thereby ensuring there is always a high quality client focused service provider in the region in which we operate.